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Get ready for a summer filled with innovation, exploration, and fun like never before!
Get ready for a summer filled with innovation, exploration, and fun like never before!

Dive into a world of makerspace marvels, thrilling coding escapades, and cutting-edge robotics challenges. But wait, there's more!

Every week, brace yourself for excitement as special guest experts in various fields join us to share the most awe-inspiring aspects of their careers. Activities will conclude both indoors and outdoors for ultimate fun and discovery!

Camps will run 9am–4pm. Extended Care options are available 8–9 am for $40/week per camper, and 4–5:30pm for $45/week per camper. A late fee of $25 will be applied if pick-up occurs 10 minutes after the scheduled time, with additional charges in 10-minute increments per child.

DCWE Future Innovators Summer Camp registration includes unlimited summer admission at DCWE during normal business hours for your registered camper June 1–Aug. 31, 2024.

If you have any questions, please call 410-417-7116 or email

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Image showing young children and adults participating in a STEM activity at the Discovery Center.
Graphic icon of three test tubes on a stand.

JULY 15–19

Step into the captivating world of chemistry, where mysteries abound and adventures await! Explore the marvels of chromatography, crack secret codes, and craft invisible ink to write your own hidden messages. Engage in thrilling candy experiments, delve into the enchanting art of potion-making, and discover the secrets of crafting mesmerizing slimes. With vibrant reactions, exhilarating robot challenges, and boundless opportunities for creativity, this camp guarantees an electrifying experience that will ignite curiosity and excitement like never before!

Image showing two young people in a classroom closely examining a fetal pig during a STEM demonstration on dissection.
Two young people closely examine a fetal pig during a demonstration on dissection in a STEM class.
Graphic icon of a computer monitor.

JULY 22–26

Embark on a journey where science and motion intertwine, revealing the fascinating connection between your body and movement. Learn to translate this newfound understanding into captivating movement adventures and storytelling through Scratch and Scratch Jr computer programming. Code your very own video game and design a unique game controller to bring your creations to life. Dive deeper into the world of coding with micro:bit and unleash your creativity by crafting incredible inventions limited only by your imagination. Take the adventure home with your very own micro:bit and continue exploring the endless possibilities of coding!

Image showing two young children laughing, while they play in the Design and Build Exhibit at the Discovery Center.
Two young children laugh while they play in the Design and Build Exhibit at the Discovery Center.
Image showing a classroom with two young people seated at a table, and an adult standing nearby, examinIng instructions and building a model in a hands-on experiment activity.
Young people examine instructions and build a model, with the help of their instructor, in a hands-on STEM experiment.
Graphic icon of a robot.

AUG. 5–9

Get ready to ignite your imagination as you design and build your very own friction maze, delving into the mesmerizing effects of friction on a moving cotton ball! Immerse yourself in the engineering design process and chronicle your adventure by crafting a captivating Stop Motion movie to share with friends and family. Brace yourself for a plethora of individual and STEM challenges as you construct using an assortment of materials, from Legos and K’Nex to Keva and recycled household items. But the thrills don't end there – push your limits by constructing a life-sized maze and programming your robot to conquer it, elevating your learning journey with added excitement and innovation!

Image showing a young person seated at a table in a classroom examining instructions and building a model in a hands-on STEM activity.
A young person participates in a STEM activity by examine instructions and building a model during a class.
Graphic icon of a DNA strand.

AUG. 12–16

Embark on an exciting exploration of scientific principles through a series of hands-on experiments and team challenges. Build a solar oven to enjoy the delicious reward of homemade s’mores, learning about solar energy along the way. Dive into a medley of STEM activities, including engineering challenges, robotics programming, and creative problem-solving tasks. With a mix of fun and educational adventures, this week promises an unforgettable journey into the world of science and innovation!


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