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Discovery Center Exhibits

The Discovery Center is an interactive space designed to light a fire of discovery in learners of all ages. In addition to interactive exhibits, the Discovery Center offers after-school programs, a maker space, and hopes to serve as an anchor for the region’s STEM activities.

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Current Exhibits

A. Chesapeake Bay Watershed engages in interactive learning encompassing topography, geography, natural sciences, watershed studies, and computer sciences to include a unique combination of sand & sensors, and augmented micro-reality at your fingertips.

B. Why Things Fly where science takes flight! Experience the thrill of discovery as you navigate a wind tunnel, race balloon cars, and launch your imagination with balloon helicopters in this hands-on exhibit that brings the wonders of aerodynamics to life.

C. Construction Corner is where imagination knows no bounds and learning is fun. Utilize a variety of building tools that correlate to math, science, social studies, and art.

D. Interactive Magnet Wall unlocks the secrets of science and engineering! Explore the power of magnets with a mesmerizing wall of gears and unleash your creativity as you design intricate marble runs that will spark curiosity and innovation.

E. ICE is a seated Virtual Reality (VR) experience that takes users from full size, down to the molecular level to see and understand the molecular composition of ice molecules. It is a fully immersive experience, approximately 8 minutes in length.

F. The UHMWPE Helmet Exhibit uncovers the intriguing parallels between human innovation in head protection and the ways animals shield themselves, unveiling the common threads that link our strategies for safety and functionality.

G. Photo Booth Green Screen is an interactive attraction that seamlessly blends technology and creativity, fostering a hands-on approach to STEM exploration and education.


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Discovery Center at Water’s Edge is a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) and donations are generally tax deductible.

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