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Thank you for a wonderfully successful 2022 Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival! Stay tuned for next year!

Plan your day at the Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival

The Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival is happening Saturday, June 11, 2022, at the TUNE Center at Harford Community College, 510 Thomas Run Road, Bel Air, Md. The Festival has many activities all day! Read on…

The Magic of Science Fair begins at 9 am, where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will compete for great prizes. Judging and interviews will be taking place starting at 9 am, but the public is welcome to attend and view the students’ projects, ask questions, and provide support for our students in STEM starting at 11 am. The Magic of Science Fair project viewing opens from 10–11 am for people with differing abilities. Unfortunately, it is too late to submit a science project in the Magic of Science Fair this year, but stay tuned for next year!

Also a part of the Magic of Science Fair are Capstone Project Displays. The Capstone project posters will be on display in Room 113 starting at 10 am for people with differing abilities, and 11 am for the general public.

The Magic of Science Family Festival begins at 11 am, and is a free day of STEM activities, exhibits, and vendors. There will be something for everyone from a Discovery Play Area and Petting Zoo to Robotics and Drones. The Family Festival will open from 10–11 am for people with differing abilities.

The Magic of Science Car Show has been postponed until July 9 due to inclement weather. Please check back for more details.

Download this helpful map of Thomas Run Road.

The TUNE Center at Harford Community College is located at 510 Thomas Run Road in Bel Air. Please take a look at these maps to get a better idea of where that is in relation to where you are.

Room 104 inside the TUNE Center on Level One is the headquarters for all things Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival. This room will be the Green Room for Science Fair Judges and Volunteers; the home of Lost and Found items; the First Aid Station; and the area to escort a Lost Child so we can safely reunite them with their parent or guardian.

The Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival will have signs and posters located on Churchville Road, Thomas Run Road, the TUNE Center and Harford Community College parking lots, and inside throughout the event. These signs and posters will help you arrive without frustration and navigate the TUNE Center to find and participate in all the fun!

The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge could not hold this amazing community event without the help of our sponsors. Our sponsors have donated financially, but have also been generous with their time, expertise, and available resources. Take a moment to meet our sponsors, and if you see them out in the community, thank them for taking pride in our children and in STEM in throughout the region.

Vendors will be hosting exciting spaces throughout the Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival. They will have activities and opportunities to learn new information for everyone. Take a moment to read through the vendors that will be set up at the Festival. Our vendors include food trucks, so come hungry!

Level One (inside)

Level Two (main entry doors/lobby)


Grass Tier Below Portico

Tier 1

  1. Ecotone—Stream Simulation Exhibit
  2. Cecil Community CollegeLogic
  3. JHU Extreme MaterialsShowcase of extreme materials, such as body armor, space craft insulation, and football helmets.
  4. New York LifeColormetrics
  5. DEVCOM CBCStrawberry DNA Extraction
  6. Clean Air PartnersHarmful Effects Air Pollution
  7. ARLNASA Project
    Senior Scientist SocietyThings That Fly—Exploring Aerodynamics
  8. ARLNASA Project
    Senior Scientist SocietyThings That Fly—Exploring Aerodynamics
  9. ARLM900 tank round and have an accompanying hands-on activity related to kinetic energy.
  10. Dr. Pyro—The Science of Cosplay

Tier 1 Other

  • Picnic Area

Tier 2

  1. Junk Drawer Science–DIY Challenges
  2. Junk Drawer Science–DIY Challenges
  3. We Rock the SpectrumGym Play for All
  4. We Rock the SpectrumGym Play for All
  5. STEAM Quest
  6. FYZICAL Therapy and Balance CenterBalance
  7. Office of Drug Control Policy
  8. Maryland Care Physician’s Insurance
  9. Maryland FIRST® LEGO® LeagueRobotics
  10. ArgoMarine GPS

Tier 2 Other

Tier 3

  1. Science Guys
  2. Black Oak TitleMagic & Bubbles
  3. Celebree Learning
  4. Maryland Department of HealthAll about vaccines
  5. Tutor DoctorMagic in A Bottle A color change experiment for investigating reaction kinetics AND How Strong is Your Cereal? Iron Extraction From Cereal Using a Magnet
  6. Chesapeake Bay FoundationRestoration—Save the Bay
  7. Army Public Health CenterColormetrics
  8. C5ISR CenterSTEM Challenges
  9. Army National Guard—COVID Vaccine Station
  10. Army National Guard—COVID Vaccine Station

Tier 3 Other

Parking Lot


Tech Talks in the TUNE Auditorium

11:30 a.m.—Drones are the future! Are we ready? Michelle Dina, Unmanned Safety Institute, Inc.

Exciting science and technology developments are taking place in unmanned aviation (AKA drones) and drones are being used in many different industries to perform dangerous or difficult missions that people used to have to do. Maybe someday our groceries and Amazon packages will get delivered by drones, just like Harry Potter used to get letters delivered by his owl. Michelle Dina talks with us about drones – how they are used, how to fly one safely, and where to get education or certification to fly a drone! Oh, and we’ll play some Kahoots games during this fun session.

12:00 p.m.—The Secret of Speed in Sports Bill Blewett

This presentation describes the biological springs that are present in muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the human body. The springs act to briefly store and return energy and to amplify power. In doing so, they can provide the decisive difference in the performance of athletes, enabling them to sprint faster, run with greater endurance, jump higher and farther, or pitch a baseball at higher speeds than can be achieved with muscle power alone. Champion sprinters, for example, must have springs that are perfectly matched in elastic stiffness to their body weight and muscle composition (predominantly fast-twitch muscle); they must also run with precise, natural foot mechanics that make maximum use of the elasticity of the Achilles tendons. The effects of biological springs have been revealed slowly in scientific research over the past 50 years, but most coaches and athletes have not taken advantage of the science.

12:30 p.m.—The Discovery Center at Water’s Edge Joan Michel, Charlie Nietubicz, Rosalind Franklin

Find out about the new science center coming to Harford County! Meet Rosalind – kid scientist extraordinaire! Soon Harford County will have its own regional science center where families can explore, experience, invent, create, and play with science and technology. Thanks to the close proximity of Aberdeen Proving Ground, where groundbreaking science exploration is taking place every day, visitors to the Discovery Center will be able to see “tomorrow’s technology today” and engage with the scientists inventing it in a free-standing 35,000-SF science and technology center overlooking Bush River with indoor and outdoor classrooms and attracting over 100,000 visitors per year.

1:00 p.m.—The Science of Cosplay Dr. Pryo (Joe Domanico)

So you think your last Halloween costume was good? You should see Dr. Pryo’s costumes! Electronics, light sabers, transformers… you can use simple science to make your next costume unforgettable. Dr. Pyro shows us how, and models some of his creations.

1:30 p.m.—Drugs and Your Brain Sandra Gallion, Office of Drug Control Policy

Substances affect our brain chemistry in many different ways. Scientists are only just starting to understand how the brain is impacted and how the body becomes addicted to certain drugs. Sandi Gallion of the Office of Drug Control Policy helps us understand how drugs interfere with our brain functioning and alter brain areas necessary for healthy functioning.

If you would like to volunteer your time for setup the night before on June 10, the event on June 11, or cleanup on June 12, please take this link to fill out our volunteer registration form. We need you! There will be volunteer jobs available from directing cars in the parking lot, helping people cross the road, answering questions and directing people within the event, staffing the lost and found, and so much more.

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