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2023 Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival Logo
June 10, 2023 • 11 am – 4 pm • TUNE Center at HCC • 510 Thomas Run Road • Bel Air, Md.


Without our volunteers, we could not foster the love of science or broaden access to science. We could not show students that STEM professionals are a diverse group of passionate adults who live and work in their neighborhoods (not just goofy men with white hair and jackets). The Magic of Science could not exist without the help of volunteers.

Volunteers are the fuel for our fire!
The grist for our mill.

The Magic of Science Committee meets virtually each month. You are invited to join us and see where your talents can be used. We need entertainers, science fair judges, people to lead science activities, sponsorship recruiters, publicity gurus, parking lot attendees, event planners, organizers, and more. Volunteer now, or contact us at for more information.

Magic of Science Fair and Family Festival Planning Team
  • Sue Bresuciak
  • Warline Bryant
  • Diedra Byrd
  • Alena Calm
  • Jeff Hacala
  • Al Horst
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Stacia Kline
  • Toby Latrielle
  • Rob Lieb
  • Tim McNamara
  • Jordan Matthews
  • Joan Michel
  • Charlie Nietubicz
  • David Patrick
  • Peter Plostins
  • Eric Schuster
  • Dick Schwanke
  • Beth Watson
  • Monica Worrell
  • Cynthia Yockey
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